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Secret of Mana 2
Secret of Mana 2 (Seiken Densetsu 3) Japanese cover art.

Secret of Mana 2 (Seiken Densetsu 3) was the first reproduction I purchased and has really drawn me into the whole reproduction world. I’m a huge fan of the original Secret of Mana, it’s a terrific action RPG that was released by Square in 1993. At the time the sequel never made it to the U.S and we wouldn’t see a new game in the Mana series until Legend of Mana on the Playstation (which, in my opinion, was not nearly on the same level as Secret of Mana).

That all changed in 2000 when, thanks to a fan translation, the English-speaking world was able to enjoy a game that, I think, very much improves on the original and is one of the finest games to grace the SNES.

As a side note, to clarify the U.S. vs. Japanese naming conventions… The first game in the series was called Seiken Densetsu: Final Fantasy Gaiden in Japan, while it was called Final Fantasy Adventure in the U.S. So, the numbering is off by one for the other release (Secret of Mana/Seiken Densetsu 2, Secret of Mana 2/Seiken Densetsu 3). Square just loved screwing with this stuff in the SNES era.

The game starts with you choosing three out of six possible characters to play as which you’ll control throughout the course of the game. This aspect offers some nice replayability, you’ll only see the storyline from these characters perspective. As with Secret of Mana, while the player controls one of the characters, the computer handles the other two. You can give the computer controller very general commands about how to handle themselves (if they should use abilities, which enemies they should target), which is a nice addition over the original.

Also new is the level up system. As you characters gain levels you’ll be able to customize which of their statistics to increase (strength, vitality, luck, etc.). Additionally, when they hit level 18 (and have a special item), you’ll be given the option to choose either a light or a dark class upgrade. Each variant offers unique skills and is another way to further customize your characters. This branching choice happens again at level 38, so each character can ultimately be one of four different variants (light light, light dark, dark light, dark dark). It’s a really cool system that adds even more to the replayability of the game.

The graphics are excellent for the SNES, the sprites are very well done, and the hand drawn backgrounds are some of the best I’ve seen on the system. The game makes great use of Mode 7, which is a huge favorite of mine. Oh, and the soundtrack is just amazingly well done.

Secret of Mana 2 Backgrounds
The backgrounds in Secret of Mana 2 look amazing.

The reproduction itself is excellent. The case seems to be either a) a donor cart (a cartridge from another game that has had it’s label removed, usually from readily available games that are unwanted, such as sports games) that was painted black or b) it’s a Killer Instinct donor cart (which is black). The label seems to be of good quality, and looks very nice. The case is also held together with the normal SNES security bits. It also came with a standard SNES dustcover.

Overall, a much nicer repo then Treasure of the Rudras.

Secret of Mana 2 Front Cartridge
The front of the Secret of Mana 2 cartridge.
Secret of Mana 2 Back Cartridge
The back of the Secret of Mana 2 cartridge.
Secret of Mana 2 Repo Board
A shot of the Secret of Mana 2 board.



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