3 Million Copies of Dave the Diver Have Been Sold



In 2023, the video game Dave the Diver emerged as a surprising sensation, receiving numerous accolades and gaining substantial fan support. The game’s manufacturer, Mintrocket, proudly announced on Twitter that it has sold 3 million copies worldwide. Alongside sales success, Dave the Diver garnered recognition in prestigious platforms including The Steam Awards, where it won the Sit Back and Relax award, and received nominations at The Golden Joystick Awards and The Game Awards 2023. The game’s appeal was also confirmed by our very own Christine Choi who awarded it a 9/10 due to its “engaging gameplay and light-hearted story.”

However, despite its achievements, Dave the Diver has stirred up controversy over its categorization as an indie title. Critics argue that Mintrocket, although a smaller studio, is part of the massive corporation Nexon, thus questioning the game’s indie status. This disagreement sparked debates regarding the definition and the aesthetic aspect of indie games.

Regardless of the dispute, the developers plan to enrich Dave the Diver with more content updates, believing there’s still potential to explore in the characters’ narratives. The future updates will primarily consist of additional side missions in the latter part of the story.


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