An In-Depth Look at ReFantazio’s Archetype Job System and Combat Mechanics: A Metaphor



Atlus, at the Summer Games Fest 2024, showcased a new trailer for the upcoming RPG game, Metaphor: ReFantazio. Katsura Hashino and Shigenori Soejima detailed the game’s job system through ‘Archetypes’ and combat mechanics in the exclusive 23-minute presentation. The in-game job system, managed by the character More at the Akademeia facility, allows players to unlock more than 40 Archetype jobs through evolution trees and acquire a resource named ‘Mag’ to awaken new Archetypes.

Differentiating between the Archetypes, Hashino mentions, will affect various aspects of gameplay. The Brawler excels in breaking through defences, the Warrior wields a sword, the Knight focuses on defensive skills, the Commander uses formation-oriented abilities, the Gunner performs long-range attacks, and the Faker executes tricky moves. As the game progresses, certain Archetypes will be unlocked, but the evolution of these and the ability to add base Archetypes will depend on the player’s Bond threshold with specific characters.

Boasting action segments that require players to equip weapons based on their chosen Archetype, the game design was partially crafted by Yuji Himukai, noted for their role in Etrian Odyssey series. The game presents opportunities for skill transfer and battling diversity by switching between Archetypes. Metaphor: ReFantazio is set to release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC worldwide. The event concluded with the premiere of the game’s ‘Awaken’ trailer, along with the Atlus Exclusive 2 Showcase.


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