Could a Square Character Appear in Brawl?




I was listening to IGN’s Wii-k In Review today, a podcast where the Wii editors talk about all things Nintendo. They were talking about Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and mentioned that they were waiting for “…the big Square character unveil…”. I never really thought about it, does this rumor have any truth? How awesome would it be if there was? The Awesome Radical scale might hit 11/10.

There are a million good characters from Square games, but I think the most obvious would be Cloud. Is that at all possible, though? Final Fantasy VII was on the PS One, does Sony on the rights? I think if that happened, Nintendo would get a TON more people to buy a Wii. It seems more likely that an older character would appear, something from the SNES, or maybe a black mage, but any Square character appearing in the game would be massive.

Maybe we’ll even hear “I’M CAPTAIN BASCH FON RONSENBERG OF DALMASCA” on the Wii. I’d laugh.


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  1. Matt Avatar

    Cloud wasn’t on a Nintendo console. So no.

  2. Matt Avatar

    Cloud wasn’t on a Nintendo console. So no.

  3. Mike R Avatar
    Mike R

    Honestly Matt, being a little negative. Just be cool man, be cool.

  4. Allie Avatar


  5. Allie Avatar


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