Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Preview



Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Preview

IGN has a pretty interesting preview up for the much anticipated Square Enix strategy game, Final Fantasy Tactics AS. The part I found most interesting…

Besides the vibrant, crisp colors and clear audio that we previously reported on, A2 sports a few other features not found on the GBA prequel. The first is the ridiculous range of options to choose from. There are seven playable races, over fifty job types, over five hundred different abilities, and over three hundred quests to choose from. And instead of two types of missions, there are now six.

50 job types?! That’s insane…500 different abilities and 300 quests? The awesomeness is through the roof. There will also be mission time limits, which might be a pain in the ass…but over all the game still seems very nice.

The U.S. release date is still TBA, and Square Enix has made no official statement saying it will be bringing it to the U.S.


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