“Crescent Moon Mount Now Offered in the FFXIV Online Shop”



Final Fantasy XIV has added a much-anticipated new item, the Crescent Moon Mount, to its Online Store, much to the excitement of its players. Despite prior speculation that it might be a Seasonal Event reward, the mount is now available for purchase. Offsetting the typical aesthetics, the mount takes the shape of a glowing, white-draped crescent moon, accompanied by a small Lopporit character. While in use, the mount emits the enchanting tune of the ‘Merry Wanderer’s Waltz’ synonymous with Online Store mounts. Its description hints at an undisclosed origin, intriguing players further with the automaton that accompanies it.

The mount is valued at 24 USD and offers account-wide access, a feature that allows players to use the mount with all current and future characters after a one-time purchase. The feature assures fans and players of the game of its utility and value for money. The glossy trail of sparkles left by the mount would leave any player with a majestic feeling of journeying among the stars.

The author of the article, Paula Vaynshteyn, is an avid gamer and a dedicated Final Fantasy XIV enthusiast with a knack for assisting other players. Aside from writing or exploring the realms of Eorzea in FFXIV, Paula divides her time between her family, sleep, and traveling between the UK and US to meet her fiancé, whom she met in Zadnor.


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