Nintendo Switch Discontinues Pokémon TV Service



In an announcement made by the Pokémon Company, the Pokémon TV service was officially discontinued on March 28, 2024. As a result, both the app and the browser are no longer operative on any device, including the Nintendo Switch. When users attempt to access the app, they will be greeted with an error code which states “This online service has ended. Thank you for your interest”.

Originally, Pokémon TV was launched on the Switch eShop in 2021 as a platform for fans to stream past episodes of the Pokémon anime series for free. With its closure, fans can still watch the series on alternate platforms including YouTube, Netflix, and other streaming services.

For more extensive information regarding the discontinuation of the Pokémon TV service, fans are directed to visit the official Pokémon website. The decision to shut down the service was revealed earlier in the year, making the Pokémon TV service inaccessible across all devices.


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